Berkut Mining LLP

«Berkut Mining» LLP

Berkut Mining LLP holds a 75% stake in  JSC Tin One Mining. Berkut Mining LLP is a subsidiary of Lancaster Group ( Lancaster Group business operations are based on the principle of long-term investment allowing the Group to implement the full potential of the projects. The Group success is largely built on strategic partnership, which enhances the efficiency of operations, brings innovations and know-how and adds investment prospects to the project.

Самрук-Казына Инвест

«Samruk-Kazyna Invest» LLP

Samruk-Kazyna Invest LLP holds a 25% stake in  JSC Tin One Mining. Samruk-Kazyna Invest LLP is a subsidiary of JSC Samruk-Kazyna, the Kazakhstan state owned assets management holding company. The project stakeholders agreed to develop the project in line with international standards for the purpose of implementing the first and the only tin production project in Kazakhstan through:

  • Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS), including JORC compliant mineral resource estimate and commercial reserve estimate;
  • Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS), including detailed engineering.