Tin One Mining Project

Mining company Syrymbet was established in 1998. In the middle of 2017 the Company was renamed to JSC Tin One Mining. The project focuses on the development of the Syrymbet tin deposit and on the construction of a mine and processing plant in Kazakhstan based on an international Feasibility Study (FS) contracted out to an internationally recognized firm. The FS, completed as per western standards, including a mineable reserve estimate, process flowsheet design validation and enhancement of economic aspects of the project, will help to optimize the project implementation cost by (1) partnering with a strategic, and/or financial investor and, (2) arranging debt financing at much lower rates.

Deposit Location

The Deposit

  • Commercial mineralization within Syrymbet ore field comprises of oxide and sulphide ore. In addition to tin, primary ore also contains over 70 other minerals.
  • The Syrymbet deposit is a complex rare-earth-polymetallic deposit (Sn, W, Cu, CaF2) occurring within favorable lithological and structural settings.

Exploration History

In 1985, a drill-hole program (Semenkov, 1989) identified commercial tin mineralization at the Syrymbet deposit (primary ore). Following tin exploration (Kuzovenko, 1990) at the mineralization area identified a new commercial type of tin mineralization, e.g. tin-bearing weathering crust. Syrymbet ore field is located in Northwest area of Kokchetav middle massif, within the Volodarskiy ore province. Structurally, the ore field is associated with Shok-Karagai synclinorium, Upper Riphean cherty-carbonaceous sediments of Sharyk seris, intruded by two granite-porphyry mid and late Devonian stockworks (e.g. Syrymbet and Sarybulak). Commercial tin mineralization is associated with a Northwest exocontact area of the Syrymbet massif, where it is mainly localized within metasomatic rock of the Sharyk series: argillite, siltstone, limestone, marlstone and weathering crusts with some tin mineralization also noted within granitoids. The Sharyk series metasomatic rock complex is interpretted as a tin mineralization hosting unit, while Syrymbet and Sarybulak massif granitoids are ore forming units, and also ore hosting units to some extent. Granitoids are ore hosting and ore forming formations for tantalum-niobium mineralization, which occurs as dike-shape bodies striking northeast. The Tin One Mining license area includes  the Syrymbet tin deposit (consisting of Southwest, Central, and Northeast area), and the Sarybulak tantalum-niobium prospect.