Technical Reports

Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS)

Definitive Feasibility Study was completed in May 2020.

DFS objectives:

  • Preparation of comprehensive technical and economic reports and project data as per requirements of Western financial institutions for the project financing purposes;
  • Final validation of technical and economical feasibility and viability of the project;
  • Generation of data sufficient for detailed design, detailed engineering drawings and construction of the project facilities.
  • Bulk locked cycle testwork is expected for completion in July 2019.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is expected for completion in Spring 2020.

DFS Stages:

  • Detailed design based on selected optimum scenario for the project development;
  • Detailed mine design including year-by-year mine development plan, optimum process flowsheet and mine and processing plant production plan;
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys;
  • Selection of representative small size processing samples as per lithological domains and bulk processing samples for pilot plant testwork;
  • Final processing testwork;
  • Design criteria definition (general, processing, engineering etc.);
  • Metal and water balance, equipment selection;
  • Process flowsheet including C&I and equipment;
  • TSF detailed design;
  • Project production area general layout including infrastructure;
  • Detailed layout of the mine site including drawings, plans and cross sections;
  • Detailed design of power and water supply facilities and distribution plan;
  • Construction plan including schedule and budget;
  • CAPEX evaluation based on quotation and netcost projections;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Marketing studies.

Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS)

Pre-Feasibility Study was completed in 2015.

PFS Objectives:

  • Development of Pre-Feasibility Study as per international standards based on JORC-compliant Mineral Resource and Mineable Reserve Estimate; establish various scenarios for the project development and select an optimum scenario based on technical and economical considerations including:
  • Implementation of processing testwork on representative drill-hole samples and beneficiation process tradeoff study;
  • Mine design and mine development tradeoff study;
  • Partnering with strategic investors for financing and development of the project as well as IPO.

PFS Stages:

  • JORC or NI-43101 compliant mineral resource and ore reserves estimate;
  • Infill exploration, 3D geological modelling; a mine development design and a mine production schedule preparation;
  • Representative process sample selection;
  • Laboratory process testwork;
  • Key design criteria definition;
  • Metallurgical balance, definition and selection of major equipment;
  • Process flowsheet design;
  • TSF preliminary design;
  • ESIA studies at PFS level;
  • Project area, mine and smelter complex general layout;
  • CAPEX and OPEX projections;
  • Tradeoff studies (mining method, processing alternatives etc.);
  • Financial analysis.