Syrymbet Tin Deposit

Syrymbet is the largest undeveloped tin deposit in the World.

Topsoil removal work.

2014 Modeling & Mineral Resource Estimate — JORC 2012-compliant

As of 2014, JORC-compliant Mineral Resource of the deposit comprises of 99.2 million tonne ore with 485.9 K tonne contained tin with average grade of 0.49%.

Topsoil removal work.

Exploration and Development Project

Exploration and Development Project is signed until 2030 with right of further extension.

Topsoil removal work.

JSC Tin One Mining  is a mineral exploration and development company focusing on the development of Syrymbet tin deposit, the largest undeveloped tin deposit in the world. JSC Tin One Mining signed Syrymbet Exploration and Mining Contract (valid untill Y2028) with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project aims at launching the only tin production plant in Central Asia using the most advanced technologies through the best environmental practice. CIS is a net-importer of tin and tin products, which positions JSC Tin One Mining as a perspective leading tin supplier for the region and neighbouring countries. JSC Tin One Mining is co-owned by Lancaster Group and Samruk Kazyna Invest.